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Hey! If you're reading this, welcome! My name is Megan Williams.

A little about me...

Within my own work, I create digital content in the form of video and portrait-driven photography. Both mediums allow me an avenue to put people–and the stories they hold–at the forefront. While different in form, photography and cinematography allow me to reframe seemingly mundane moments into enchanting vignettes that are driven by whimsical aesthetics and storylines. Oftentimes, people associate whimsy with the fantastical, far-off, or fairytale-esque. For me, it means the interjection of imagination into the every-day. What if we started seeing the whimsical as something that is not out of reach, but right in front of us? In the people we pass by, sights we see, and activities we do day-to-day. By dipping day-to-day life into the realm of story, it somehow comes back with a certain force–a potency I hope to capture through the language of photo and video.


Thanks for stopping by. If would like to contact me with any creative inquiries, shoot me a message down below. 


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